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  • To figure out system specs: system_profiler
  • System Updates:
    • Macports is installed, with some basic programs.
      • sudo port selfupdate
      • port outdated; sudo port upgrade outdated
      • port installed inactive; sudo port uninstall inactive
      • port echo leaves; sudo port uninstall leaves
    • Mac OS X software update, by command line:
    • sqt downloaded
      • /Users/supertri/dev/sqt
    • Also: MacTeX and Haskell Platform.
      • How to auto-update all binaries in these platforms??
    • Cron jobs would be nice:
      • Mac OS X software
      • port software
      • sqt svn update
  • Turning Time Machine on/off by command line
    • # bash functions in .bashrc: 
      function tmOff {
        defaults write /Library/Preferences/ "AutoBackup" -boolean no
      function tmOn {
        defaults write /Library/Preferences/ "AutoBackup" -boolean yes
  • Wake-on-Lan enabled doesn't quite work yet!
    • Command:
      • java WakeOnLan 00-1F-5B-33-7E-A0
    • For some reason, rhubarb goes into sleep mode in which the packet doesn't wake up the machine.
  • Putting computer to sleep
    • Command:
      • ?
    • Currently, it auto-sleeps in one hour. However this may disrupt long-running jobs, so I am looking into manually sleeping it.
  • Turning cores on and off:
    • hwprefs cpu_disable 3
    • hwprefs cpu_enable 3
    • arguments between 1 and 8
    • Counting how many cores are on: hwprefs cpu_count
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