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projects:sitemanagement information

  • Site can be edited through webdav:
    1. Announce that you will be upgrading. Allocate at least 3 hours.
    2. MUST! Make tarball of wiki/ directory. Place it in Site-archives/ for just in case. Over webdav, zip seems faster than tarring and zipping. E.g., zip -r wiki/ (45 m)
    3. Upload tarball of new DokuWiki source
    4. Unzip the file. E.g., tar xzvf dokuwiki-2009-02-14.tgz will create directory dokuwiki-2009-02-14/ (1H 5m)
    5. Overwrite new code over old code. E.g., /bin/cp -Rf dokuwiki-2009-02-14/* wiki/ (1H 10m)
    6. Make sure new version works.
    7. Delete wiki/bin/ and wiki/install.php. Also delete files that start with ._ (Mac OS X pollution).
    8. If need be, edit file conf/local.php. It should have this line: $conf['start'] = 'slang' and $conf['title'] = 'UC Santa Cruz'. This is also settable in the wiki's configuration management page.
    9. Delete dokuwiki tarball and accompanying directory. (20 m)
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