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====Fall 07==== Tuesdays at 12:30 pm (bring your own lunch) Email list: * **October 9** * Discussion of possible topics * **October 16: No Free Lunch** * [[ | Feedback directed implicit parallelism]]. T Harris, S Singh. ICFP 2007. * **October 23: Commutativity** * [[|Commutativity analysis: a new analysis framework for parallelizing compilers]]. MC Rinard, PC Diniz. PLDI 1996. * [[|Optimistic Parallelism Requires Abstractions]]. M Kulkarni, K Pingali, B Walter, G Ramanarayanan, K Bala, LP Chew. PLDI 2007. * **October 30: Cost Models** * [[|Exploiting Purely Functional Programming to Obtain Bounded Resource Behaviour: the Hume Approach]]. CEFP 2005. * [[|Questions and Answers about BSP]]. D Skillicorn, JMD Hill, WF McColl. Tech Report 1996. * (Optional) [[|A Parallel Complexity Model for Functional Languages]]. G Blelloch, J Greiner. Tech Report 1994. * (Optional) [[|A Compiler Cost Model for Speculative Parallelization]]. J Dou, M Cintra. TACO 2007. * **November 6: Morphisms this and morphisms that** * [[|Sorting Morphisms]]. L Augusteijn. AFP 1998. * [[|Fold and Unfold for Program Semantics]]. G Hutton. ICFP 1998. * (Optional and brief background in sections 1 and 2) [[|Functional Programming with Bananas, Lenses, Envelopes and Barbed Wire]]. E Meijer, M Fokkinga, R Paterson. FPCA 1991. * **November 13: ZPL** * [[|The high-level parallel language ZPL improves productivity and performance]]. BL Chamberlain, SE Choi, SJ Deitz, L Snyder. P-PHEC 2004. * [[|Abstractions for dynamic data distribution]]. SJ Deitz, BL Chamberlain, L Snyder HIP 2004. * (Optional) [[|High-level language support for user-defined reductions]]. SJ Deitz, BL Chamberlain, L Snyder. Supercomputing 2002. * (Optional) [[|A Comic Book Introduction to ZPL]]. * **November 20: JITing** * [[|HotpathVM: an effective JIT compiler for resource-constrained devices]]. A Gal, CW Probst, M Franz. VEE 2006 * [[|The Jrpm System for Dynamically Parallelizing Java Programs]]. MK Chen, K Olukotun. ISCA 2003. * **November 27: Nested Data-Parallelism in NESL and Haskell** * [[|More Types for Nested Data Parallel Programming]]. MMT Chakravarty, G Keller. ICFP 2000. * [[|Data Parallel Haskell: A status report]]. M Chakravarty, R Leshchinskiy, SP Jones, G Keller, S Marlow. DAMP 2007. * (Optional) [[|Higher Order Flattening]]. R Leshchinskiy, MMT Chakravarty, G Keller. PAPP 2006 * (Optional) [[|Implementation of a portable nested data-parallel language]]. G Blelloch, J Hardwick, S Chatterjee, J Sipelstein, M Zagha. PPoPP 1993 * **December 4: Parallelism at POPL:** * [[|Contextual Effects for Version-Consistent Dynamic Software Updating and Safe Concurrent Programming]]. I Neamtiu, M Hicks, JS Foster, P Pratikakis. POPL 2008. * [[ of Transactional Memory and Automatic Mutual Exclusion]]. M Abadi, A Birrell, T Harris, M Isard. POPL 2008. * [[|High-Level Small-Step Operational Semantics for Transactions]]. KF Moore, D Grossman. POPL 2008. * **Sequoia and the memory hierarchy** * [[|Sequoia: Programming the Memory Hierarchy]]. K Fatahalian, TJ Knight, M Houston, M Erez, DR Horn, L Leem, JY Park, M Ren, A Aiken, WJ Dally, P Hanrahan. CS 2006. * [[|Cache-Oblivious Algorithms]]. M Frigo, CE Leiserson, H Prokop, S Ramachandran. FOCS 1999. * (Optional) [[|Compilation for Explicitly Managed Memory Hierarchies]]. TJ Knight, JY Park, M Ren, M Houston, M Erez, K Fatahalian, A Aiken, WJ Dally, Pat Hanrahan. PPoPP 2007. * Tiling * Effective Automatic Parallelization of Stencil Computations * Parameterized Tiled Loops for Free * JIT * Online Optimizations Driven by Hardware Performance Monitoring * List Homomorphism Theory * The Third Homomorphism Theorem * Automatic Inversion Generates Divide-and-Conquer Parallel Programs * Enforcing Isolation and Ordering in STM * Automatically Classifying Benign and Harmful Data Races Using Replay Analysis * Software Behavior Oriented Parallelization * Misc pages on parallel stuff * * * * * Links to the 253 class * * * Automatic Inversion Generates Divide-and-Conquer Parallel Programs. K Morita, A Morihata, K Matsuzaki, Z Hu, M Takeichi. PLDI 2007. * Accessible classics * The Essence of Functional Programming * From System F to Typed Assembly Language (or possibly Chlipala PLDI 2007's new version of the same idea) * Theorems for free! * Functional programming w/ bananas, lenses, and barbed wire * Scrap your boilerplate ----- Below is a dumping ground of topics and papers that have accumulated for a while. Any of this could surface in the reading group. * Computing Procedure Summaries for Interprocedural Analysis. S Gulwani, A Tiwari. * Concurrency * The continuing saga of compilers which prove or are proved correct * * * * * Algorithms and Complexity * From Fast Exponentiation to Square Matrices: An Adventure in Types. C Okasaki. ICFP 1999. * Adventures In Time and Space. N Danner, J Royer. POPL 2006. * A Dependently Typed Framework For Static Analysis Of Program Execution Costs. E Brady, K Hammond. IFL 2005. * * Stuff from Guy Blelloch and Chris Okasaki * Security * Authenticity by typing for security protocols. AD Gordon. JCS 2003. * Types and effects for asymmetric cryptographic protocols. AD Gordon. JCS 2004. * * Abstract Interpretation * Garbage Collection * Optimization * Computer Algebra Systems (Languages to host mathematics more than "user" programs) * Aspect-Oriented Programming * Fixes for C * Modular Information Hiding and Type-Safe Linking for C. S Srivastava, M Hicks, J Foster. TLDI 2007. * Fun with Types (and Category Theory!) * Inferring Type Isomorphisms Generically. F Atanassow, J Jeuring. MPC '04 * Typed Assembly Language * Modules and Linking * Program fragments, linking, and modularization. L Cardelli. POPL 1997 * From Structures and Functors to Modules and Units. S Owens, M Flatt. ICFP 2006 * A Calculus for Dynamic Linking. D Ancona, S Fagorzi, E Zucca. ICTCS '03 * A Calculus for Link-time Compilation. E Machkasova, F Turbak. ESOP '00 Some Real-time testing reads: * Online On-the-Fly Testing of Real-Time Systems * Automated Test Generation from Timed Automata

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