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====Summer 2006==== * **7/26** (Wed) * Post-mortem on [[|U of O summer school]], and ICFP programming contest * **8/1** (Tue) (Jessica) * [[|Dynamic typing in a statically-typed language]] M Abadi, L Cardelli, B Pierce, G Plotkin. TOPLAS '91 BibTeX * Optional: * [[|Quasi-static typing]] S Thatte. POPL '89 BibTeX * [[|Gradual typing for functional languages]] J Siek, W Taha. Scheme '06 * [[|Sage: Hybrid checking for flexible specifications]] J Gronski, K Knowles, A Tomb, C Flanagan, S Freund. Scheme '06 * **8/07** (Jordan) * [[|Accomplishments and Research Challenges in Meta-programming]] T. Sheard. SAIG '01 BibTeX * Optional: [[|CodeBricks: Code Fragments as Building Blocks]]. G Attardi, A Cisternino, A Kennedy. PPoPP '03 BibTeX * Also, allow some time to discuss previous week's "Optional" ones (due to low attendance then). * **8/15** (Tue) (Nathan) * Meta-program-athon: Bring in an example of metaprogramming and share. * **8/21** (anarchy) * [[|Macros as Multi-Stage Computations: Type-Safe, Generative, Binding Macros in MacroML]] S. Ganz et al. ICFP '01. BibTeX * **8/28** (more anarchy) * [[|Growing Languages with Metamorphic Syntax Macros]] C. Braband and M. Schwartzbach. PEPM '02. * **9/04** (Kenn) * [[|An efficient context-free parsing algorithm]] J Early. CACM '70. * [[|An Improved Context-Free Recognizer]] S Graham, M Harrison, W Ruzzo. TOPLAS '80 * [[|An efficient augmented-context-free parsing algorithm]] M Tomita. Comp Ling '87 * [[|Parsing expression grammars: a recognition-based syntactic foundation]] B Ford. POPL '04 * **9/11** * Discussion of next quarter's plans

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