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* Functional Pearl: A program to solve Sudoku * What is abduction? * What is the pi-calculus? CCS? CSP? * What is a shallow/deep embedding? * What is the PFAIR scheduling algorithm? * What is a Petri Net? * What is a Chu Space? * What is the Synthesis Kernel? * What is Abstract Interpretation? * What is Separation Logic? * What is Queueing Theory? * What is a Generating Function? (Jaeheon) * What is a Polymorphic Variant? (Ian) * What is VFS? (Ian) * What is a co-Buchi Game? (Ian) * What is a quasi-inverse? (Jordan) * What is Craig Interpolation? (Cormac) * What is counter-example guided abstraction? (Cormac) * What is continuation-passing/trampolined style (Jordan) * What is the Curry-Howard correspondence (Kenn) * What is Hindley-Milner type inference? (Kenn) * <del>What is satisfiability modulo theories (Jaeheon)</del> * <del>What is defunctionalization? (Kenn)</del> * What is a logical relation? * What is contextual equivalence? * What are dependent types * What is parametricity? * What is linear logic? * What is k-CFA? * What is monadicity? * What is synthetic topology? * What is algorithmic music composition? * What is human cognition? * What is a drama manager?

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