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Below are some quick notes about my talk for the TWIGS wiki page. Pure Data link: demo: playing a 'noise~' through 'dac~' demo: controlling the pitch of an 'osc~' with a number box and 'mtof' demo: recording input from 'adc~' to an array, then playing it out with a 'metro' and bang and toggle buttons note: DSP chain is visible (thick wires), similar representation to control chain note: difficult to work with recursive data structures, easy to work with event streams Impromptu link: demo: setting up midi synthesizer and 'play-note'ing some sound demo: understanding '(now)' and evaluation of whole definitions and their sub-expressions demo: simple temporal recursion playing random notes, live editing of loop guts and callback delay, loop termination demo: complex generative music example with text-to-speech, a main temporal recursion, and stateless part functions note: temporal recursion is a nifty design pattern, rich concurrency in a single thread note: you should schedule yourself to be called back Before you want your sound to play so there is time to compute what to play! note: DSP chain is not 'visible' note: Impromptu is a general livecoding performance tool, not particularly oriented towards music note: expressions can be evaluated on remote virtual machine so collaborators can type locally but act centrally (same applies to ChucK) ChucK link: demo: playing a 'Noise' through 'dac', chucking into 'now', overloading of '=>' demo: controlling the frequency of a 'SinOsc' in an infinite while loop, compared function-call and chucking syntax for pitch generation demo: complex generative music example with multiple shreds, loading sounds from disk, volume ramps, killing shreds interactively demo: reading from accelerometer in rockband guitar controller, mapped to speed of audio playback and corrective pitch shifting demo: analysing noise level with integrated mic to make an expressive, breath-controlled synthesizer from a laptop note: main instrument for the laptop orchestra at Princeton and Stanford Processing link: demo: visual synthesis demo, OSC events flow from Impromptu program to Processing note: OSC can connect (via internet protocol) many different tools in many different locations live! (not well supported outside of open-source scene) note: really just Java behind the scenes note: not really livecoding unless the particular program is part of a bigger work

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